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Small Businesses

Small businesses leverage digital marketing to advance their business goals - Building awareness of their brand and business, Generating qualified leads, Targeting their customers, Sharing a promotional/seasonal event, and Engaging their customers. The plethora of tools available to small businesses which are intuitive, tools that require less coding, availability of digital agencies are growing.

To ensure that small businesses spend their money on digital marketing wisely, starting with a clear and defined business goal is imperative. This step is very important - some business owners focus on generating awareness and throw their money into generating awareness a lot more than is typically necessary. While this is helpful, it is important to expand this goal to specific actions - such as “Generate x number of qualified leads”, “Generate x number of clicks”, “Share a seasonal event vs the brand”, etc.

Define a budget - This is important - Digital marketing can be achieved with a variety of budgets - Anywhere from $200 to a high budget. This is where digital marketing excels compared with traditional marketing. You can start with as simple as a search ad on Google setting your money to work for you. Ensure that you share this budget with your digital marketer or agency.

Develop a strategy and platforms - Once the goal and budgets are defined, the digital agency or a digital marketer (either freelance or an employee), will share their strategy to achieve your objectives. Though it could be a bit technical, it’s worth your time to have your marketer share the specifics with you. Over a period of time, you will begin to understand the strategy. Once the strategy is aligned, your digital marketer will share the appropriate platforms and the costs for campaigns with you.

Social media marketing, especially Facebook, has become really popular with small business owners. They are able to conduct a variety of different campaigns and reach their audiences in a smart manner. Facebook has a variety of tools and options in its campaigns to make your money work for you. Audience management and targeting are especially sharp.

Once the objectives, budgets, strategy, and platforms are defined, activate your digital campaign and request a dashboard to monitor your campaign and pivot as needed. Dashboards or reports will typically provide you metrics such as impressions, engagements, CTR (click-through rate), CAC (customer acquisition cost), CPM (cost per miele), etc. You can also request your agency or marketer to provide information on competitors as well.

Digital marketing is a great tool to bring your business to the next level.