A marketing start-up to support other start-ups and small / midsized business with their marketing startegy and operations.Committed to your growth through solid perfomance and partnership.We would love an oppurtunity to further scale your business's potential and write your mega success story.

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Graphic Design & Video Development

“Design is thinking made visual”. Turning your business or marketing vision into a creative reality is our mission. There are a variety of different graphic design needs: Logo generation (colors, fonts, typography), Visual mood boards, PowerPoint presentations, Formatting pitch proposals, Brand identity toolkit (logo, letterhead, business card), Videos for social media, etc.

Our designers focus on on-brand and on-trend graphic design. We have experience in the luxury, cosmetic, financial, and digital sectors. We request our clients to provide us access to brand elements such as color palettes, logos, etc. These help us understand your visual point of view and we mirror these values in all the creative work, be it PowerPoint presentations or proposals. Infographics and dashboards help simplify complex information into appealing, digestible, and actionable information.

We are on top of graphic design trends and bring these to your material to stay relevant to your target audience. Our designers use a variety of top-notch tools to provide a high ROI on the design dollars you invest. We have always delighted our clients with our designs - across a spectrum of customers - entrepreneurs, small business owners, and large clients.

Videos have become the default format to communicate effectively - videos for training, videos for social media, videos to highlight a product, and videos to share an emotion are a few examples. We have top-notch video designers who have strong expertise in developing, editing, and producing high-quality and creative videos.

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