A marketing start-up to support other start-ups and small / midsized business with their marketing startegy and operations.Committed to your growth through solid perfomance and partnership.We would love an oppurtunity to further scale your business's potential and write your mega success story.

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Digital Marketing

Different companies are in different stages of embracing digital marketing. Companies that are online and have an online customer base embrace more advanced areas of digital marketing. Small and medium business owners who provide services that are not predominantly online in nature use digital marketing to create and grow awareness of their business and brand. They also engage in social media campaigns to share news of promotions, new events, and seasonal programs with their target customers. We have teams with expertise to cater to audiences with a variety of digital marketing needs.

Web-site development: Primary services in digital marketing are website development - this could be a simple yet beautiful website all the way up to elaborate websites with heavy data functionality. A simple website has a limited number of pages with information on the brand, services it offers, and providing contact information for its customers. These are fast-turnaround projects for our team. The elaborate websites pertain to e-commerce websites with digital shelving features, product showcases, news, promotional offers, etc. These websites also obtain information from customers and store them in the company’s CRM database, typically. These days, websites such as Shopify allow you to create a quick store. If however, you are strapped for time and need help, we would be happy to help. Some customers reach out to us to refurbish their websites with new and modern design elements, migrate data to the new platform, and incorporate top-notch UX and CX features in their websites. These require higher engagement and commitment from the client.

Lead Generation: These also include SEO, SEM, Keyword research, Blog development, Content development, and traditional advertising. These culminate in email campaigns, newsletter development, automation, etc. We are able to maximize the ROI on lead generation across D2C, B2B, and B2B2C sectors.

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