A marketing start-up to support other start-ups and small / midsized business with their marketing startegy and operations.Committed to your growth through solid perfomance and partnership.We would love an oppurtunity to further scale your business's potential and write your mega success story.

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Marketing Strategy & Activation

If you and your teams are stretched thin for time, yet have a lot of marketing projects that need to be strategized and activated, we could be your external plug-and-play marketing team. A few areas that we have helped our clients with; are in the specific activities of preparing reports on consumer trends (macro trends, category trends, lifestyle trends), competitor mapping, and developing concepts for your brand

Consumer insights are often deployed by large brands and corporations. However, there are many studies being deployed at the same time, and not enough staff to put together a visually easy and rich report, for easy action and activation for their management team. We have experts who pick key elements of the reports, and put together on-brand presentations, with infographics, tables, and charts. These are shared with the clients’ insights teams and iterated based on their feedback. Our turnaround time for such projects is fast - depending on the number of pages of the insights report

Based on the above, we develop positioning concepts, messaging, and communication plan development. This is then integrated with the overall marketing plan - email marketing, social media marketing, and messaging. Most recently, clients are reaching out to us for support with managing CRM for their organization, managing CDP platforms, and developing customer segments, personas and journeys.

We believe in building long-term relationships through the expertise, trust, and reliability of our deliverables. If you have a strategic marketing challenge and need external support, digiffinity team is happy to support you.

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