A marketing start-up to support other start-ups and small / midsized business with their marketing startegy and operations.Committed to your growth through solid perfomance and partnership.We would love an oppurtunity to further scale your business's potential and write your mega success story.

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Our Professional Services

Welcome to Digiffinity, where excellence meets innovation. Our diverse range of digital marketing services is designed to cater to all your professional needs, ensuring your business not only reaches its goals but surpasses them. Discover how our expertise can transform your challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

About Digiffinity
Digital Marketing

Email marketing, E-commerce marketing, SEO tools, SEM, Keywords research, Content marketing, Blogs, Lead generation, Customer Acquisition

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube account management, Campaign management, Ads, Campaign analytics, Return on Investment reports

Creative Design and Video

Creative, On-trend and On-brand designs for both documents and videos. Powerpoint designing, Pitch designs, Proposal designing and Video development.

Marketing Strategy & Activation

Consumer insights, Consumer trends, Competitor mapping, Brand positioning, Customer segment mapping, Messaging, Customer funnel mapping, On-demand marketing services.

Our Process

Business Challenge

It all begins with a business challenge you may have. If a marketing solution(s) helps solve the challenge, reach out to us with a brief description of the challenge, your contact details.

Some of the challenges are:
  • Lack of staff / time to execute your vision
  • Need help with presentation to top management / investors, RFP development
  • Need marketing collaterals,
  • Need to develop a website, Develop content, Run digital campaigns, Audit your SEO status
  • Need to run a quick consumer survey and Obtain the results in a visually appealing document, etc
Contact us with a brief

Once you have a defined challenge - no matter how big or small, if you need help, please send us an email with three important details:

  • Describe your marketing need
  • Planned budget
  • Deadline.

These help us in efficiently responding to us. Once we have the info, we will respond swiftly. We are currently US based. This would help you plan online meetings with us.

Action Plan & Delivery

We will provide you with a plan of action if the project falls within the scope of our expertise.

  • Typically, we will need your brand assets - like your logo, target segment, competitors information and any previous work that you really like, so we can get to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Your information will be protected and will not be shared with others, without your strict approval.
  • Our team is staffed with both full time employees and reliable free lancers.
Payment & Feedback

We charge by project milestones vs by the hour.

  • This keeps costs under control for our clients and forces us to be efficient.
  • Payments can be made online via credit card, venmo, zelle, google pay, apple pay or check. We do not yet accept bitcoin payments.
  • We audit our performance to ensure high customer satisfaction. We request your review and ratings after each project. Your satisfaction and delight matter to us.