A marketing start-up to support other start-ups and small / midsized business with their marketing startegy and operations.Committed to your growth through solid perfomance and partnership.We would love an oppurtunity to further scale your business's potential and write your mega success story.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become a quick and effective way to target and communicate with your customers. Different aspects include creating engaging content marketing/content creation, planning, scheduling and running your campaigns, managing reviews and comments, contributing to forums and building your following

Many small business owners dismiss social media marketing as being frivolous. We encourage our customers to rethink this, just in case they think social media is more for young people. Social media vehicles such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter have tools for ad campaigns for businesses. Many businesses use these effectively to generate awareness with their target audience. These fall into paid media - which is basically, boosting your posts with budgets. They are able to provide information on the audiences and information on how your money has performed for you.

We provide our customers with analytics and reports on a regular basis, so they can view the results of their social media investment and make necessary advertising decisions.

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